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Remote Work Training

At Train Remote we are invested in supporting Organisations, Managers, Teams and Individuals to work effectively together remotely.

We provide tailored organisational training to support remote working effectiveness.


Our Managing Remote Teams (1 day) or Working Effectively from Home (half day) training can be tailored to meet the needs of teams or groups of 15-20 per workshop.


All training is delivered remotely and supported by key resources, tools, articles and techniques that can see immediate impact on your remote team effectiveness.

Managing Remote Team Workshop Content includes:

-Essential competencies for off site managers

-Assessing and hiring remote team members

-Managing Performance from a distance

-Providing effective remote feedback

-Conducting effective virtual meetings

-Technology tools to support communication and collaboration

-Managing for results: Project management principles for remote working

-Understanding Communication styles and impact

-Psychological Safety and Trust on remote teams

-Dealing with conflict and difficult conversations from afar

Working Effectively from Home Workshop includes:

-Setting up for success: Ergonomic considerations when working remotely

-Boundary management and best practice

-Time Management tools and techniques

-Cyber security considerations when working remotely

-Emotional Intelligence and effective remote communication

-Building remote resilience and managing stress remotely

-Understanding your work and communication styles to enhance effectiveness

-Managing your digital profile and visibility

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